Clean-Burning Heating Fuel

Wood pellets are made of ground up wood that is dehydrated and compressed to twice the energy density of green wood. Wood pellets are a clean, environmentally friendly, natural, renewable fuel resource. A ton of wood pellets has the heat value of about one and a half cords of wood and stacks easily in one third the space. Wood pellet stoves have high energy efficiency; almost no smoke or creosote is produced from the burning of pellets.

We stock several high-quality brands of pellets,  and we deliver them to your home. We are open year round and no appointment is necessary.

Call us today: (207) 657-5556 or (207) 657-5558 (Belanger Welding & Fabrication, Inc.)

We can help you choose which pellets are right for your stove and you can buy by the bag and try them before committing to a whole pallet or more. If you choose to transport the pellets yourself, we can load your truck when you are ready.